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Entrust your wellbeing to Foothills Sports Medicine. Our offices are staffed with dedicated professionals who are trained and certified to deliver the highest quality physical therapy and Phoenix sports medicine.

Our centers are located in North Phoenix, North Central Phoenix and the Biltmore area to ensure there’s always a convenient location near you. Our dedicated and specialized staff guarantees each patient receives the highest quality physical therapy in Phoenix, reducing or completely alleviating their pain. Check out our Phoenix locations to know which services are offered near you, and schedule your appointment today to relieve your pain and get back to your active lifestyle.

Our Phoenix sports medicine locations are all staffed with practiced physical therapists that are trained and experienced in reducing pain from injuries or overuse. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff cares deeply for the wellbeing of our patients, treating each client with individual care and attention throughout the rehabilitation process.

Don’t live with pain and limitations; feel like yourself again! Make an appointment at Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Centers.

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